The cottage was originally a one room home ( the existing bedroom area) from the 1880's. Additions were made prior to 1930. Yes, it has air conditioning now plus a ceiling fan. The bath built in shelving sets over the original well site. The first record of a tornado touching down in Eureka was in the 1930's when it took the roof off the cottage resulting in the irregular double thick walls you see today. In the 1940's a retired school teacher/artist, Abby O'Dell, rode from Berryville into Eureka on a bicycle, bought the cottage, then wallpapered the walls with photos of movie stars from that era. Her paintings occasionally show up in local estate auctions and antique shops. Min Lindsey, a well know folk artist/teacher, designed the flower cut outs for the porch rails. In the early 1980's, Glenn Wallis, Eureka's eccentric gardener/artist, who designed the rock gardens at historic Sweet Springs, Harding Springs and 11 Singleton House B&B, resided in the cottage and put in the front pathway, thus the name.......... THE GARDENER'S COTTAGE.

Posted by a guest in the guestbook
"On August 7, 1992 an 89 year old gentleman & his equally elderly but spry cousin came by to take pictures of the cottage. He had been born here in 1906 when it belonged to his grandfather (a Mr. Elmoore or L. Moore) and he lived here several years as a child. There used to be a barn down by the parking area. (small - for a horse & buggy) and fruit trees in the yard. Also, steps used to come up from the road, not where they are now."

2007 The Gardener's Cottage

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